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About Us

Spearheaded by our CEO Tamara Bourke, Motus Group is a Project Management Company specialising in full spec, high end Commercial and Retail Fit outs within large shopping precincts and commercial environments.

Our skills

Project Management ( 96% )

Design & Technical ( 92% )

Consulting & Advisory ( 95% )

Coffee Drinkers ( 82% )

Who we are

As the client’s representative, Motus has a philosophy of transparency and willingness to have the upfront and often difficult conversations at the outset of the client relationship. This core value has enabled Motus to establish an exclusive client base with long term relationships at the higher end of the market.


The ability to serve the client by having real time discussions upfront aligns all parties within the project with the client’s expectation for cost, claims and desired timeframes. Our unique approach to the marketplace has given Motus the wonderful opportunity to complete some stunning and intricate retail and commercial environments for our clients.

“I don’t fix problems; I foresee problems”

- Wise Old Man

Our Services

Project Management

Motus Group completes various projects each year with specialisation all space sizes. Recent work has taken us to projects in Perth’s Airport as well as Auckland and Christchurch Airport Terminals. Additionally we have completed works in a variety of large scale projects in Crown Casino in Melbourne.
A focus at Motus Group is to have the tough conversations early in the relationship. This strengthens the client’s expectation and enables Motus to deliver each project on budget with little or no variations. This has been the cornerstone of the long term relationships we have built.

Timely Project Delivery

The aim of the project management industry is to have the client trading in a minimal amount of time. To achieve this all our builders and shop fitters need to qualify for each new site project. We don’t have a boy’s club mentality. As an intermediary between the expectation and the delivery of the project our only focus is on the clients objectives.
Managing the time restraints within a project are one of our greatest strengths and testament to this is we have had only one blowout in a predetermined timeframe over the last 5 years. Motus continue to provide a high degree of visibility and Progress Reports are provided at each stage of the build alleviating stress to the client. We relish the pressure a site build can offer, it’s what we love most about our work.Traditionally a 300sqm project at full spec can be accomplished in 6 weeks or less. A project size of 800sqm will be available for trading in an 8-10 week period.

Design & Technical

Our philosophy has always been ‘Let’s get it right before we start’. A difficult conversation had at the outset of the relationship often avoids the blowouts and variations found at the end of the project which can amount to 10% of the initial project costs. For example we often get handed drawings which are not engineered. While they look correct on paper they can mean additional costs in the real world.
Our ultimate goal is to work with the client in an ongoing capacity so we ensure no shop fitters or builders get variations unless it’s absolutely warranted. Often times this boils down to the relationship we have established with the tradespeople we have commissioned.

Consulting & Advisory

Due to space restraints within the project site a client may request specific changes half way through the site build and this is where Motus can advise on the ‘buildablilty’ of the required changes.
Additionally the client may request changes which may have longer term implications to the viability of the build. These conversations need to be had immediately as these issues may accelerate the wear and tear on components and contribute to higher on-going maintenance costs.In either situation and given the protracted timeframes often associated with each project, Motus will advise on the real world viability of the engineering plans, either at the outset or on announcement on the site build variation. This allows you the opportunity to see potential issues which may arise before the project commences avoiding cost variations. And the project moves to completion within the required timeframes.


‘Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower’

- Steve Jobs


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You’ll appreciate our passionate, hands on approach to your project and we would simply not do it any other way. Our reputation for quality and delivery is evidenced by our glowing client testimonials.

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‘There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure’

- Colin Powell